Nortek publications for reference #


Welcome to Nortek publication repository. In this collaborative webpage, we invite researchers to cite their work involving Nortek instruments. We aim to inspire Nortek users on doing cutting-edge research by giving ideas of instrument deployment, configuration, setup and data analysis.

Publications by deployment #

Navigate through publications categorized by the type of deployment, including AUVs, bottom-mounted systems, Glider, Wirewalker and more.

Publications by environment #

Explore a spectrum of environments in which Nortek instruments have been deployed. From estuaries and deep sea exploration to laboratory studies, lakes, coastal ecosystems and beyond.

Publications by industry #

In this section, we split publications by type of industry: aquaculture, renewable energy and deep sea mining.

Publications by instruments #

Dive into a collection of publications separated by the instruments used during the research: Signatures, Velocimeters, AWACs, DVLs and more.

Publications by topic #

Explore research papers organized by topic, covering Waves, turbulence, biomass, sediment and more.